Top 100 songs with which you can adorn your collection

Make yourself acquainted with Latest new top 100 songs in 2015 of your favorite time and enjoy it: People have different taste and choice. They even live in countries with different cultures, traditions and norms and follow extremely different religions. But one thing that brings them together is their love for melody. Music has the ability to soothe the heart ... Read More »

Top Hip Hop Songs: Its popularity down the ages

Hip Hop songs: Creating sensation this season 2014 Hip Hop Songs or rap music, a combination of rhythmic music with rhythmic chants of lyrical verse words, became recognized as a genre of music from the 1980’s with the launch of music presentations by Sugar Hill Gang. DJ Kool Herk is credited as one of the precursors of this band of ... Read More »

Bollywood Love songs 2015 –Listen to some exceptional music composition on love

Bollywood Love songs: Reinstate your love life with lovable songs from Bollywood: We hardly can imagine living without love and without melodious music. Both love and music are interrelated to each other. It can be said that sometimes love and music can become synonymous. We know that for composing an exceptional lyric and melody, we need to be trained in ... Read More »