Top 100 songs with which you can adorn your collection

Top 100 Songs List 2015

Make yourself acquainted with Latest new top 100 songs in 2015 of your favorite time and enjoy it: People have different taste and choice. They even live in countries with different cultures, traditions and norms and follow extremely different religions. But one thing that brings them together is their love for melody. Music has the ability to soothe the heart and make the spirit relaxed and calm. There are different genres of music that meets the taste and requirements of […]

Top Jazz songs: wonderful creations with lyrics and improvisation

new releases top jazz songs 2015 list

Jazz songs popular at all levels because of its creativity Music is a therapy that has the power to heal any kind of psychological problems in human. It is very efficient in treating individuals and it has also been considered as an important therapy by the doctors. Music helps people to feel relaxed and develop an excellent sense of perception about sound, music and melody. It surrounds an individual with positive vibrations and energy and it also elevates the mind […]

Latest Top western Songs :Creating a new ambience all around the globe!

new releases top western songs 2015 list

Western Songs : Feel the heat of Western music from your heart Music can never be given a perfect definition because it represents the expression of the composer who gave birth to a fresh music. Every time you hear a piece of music, individual get transformed to a different person and are at times thoroughly mesmerized in the life which turns pensive on people who feel like walking down the streets with a heart break but remain alive with the […]

Top Friendship songs – Enjoy the never ending friendship with some eternal friendship songs

new releases top friendship songs 2015 list

Friendship songs: Spend some exotic moments with your friends, listening to friendship songs Can you ever imagine living a life devoid of having friends? Obviously your answer will be No. We all require good friends to share our joy and sorrow. We play roles of different relations within our life span but among them becoming a good friend is really appreciable. In the same way, our life will become an unexciting track without presence of music. Within this world of […]

Top New Metal Songs – The Wildest And The Most Versatile Genre Of Modern Music

new releases top metal songs 2015 list

Metal songs or heavy metal music as it is popularly known, has been derived from the genre of rock music and was generally characterized by an overall loudness. This form of music evolved in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s and became extremely popular in the United Kingdom and United States. The metal songs featured the electric guitars as the primary musical instrument although the music was also identified by its thick, massive sound along with highly amplified distortion and […]

Top Rock Songs 2015 – The Famous Rock n Roll

new releases top rock songs 2015 list

Rock Songs: A new genre of rock music Rock songs are songs from various genres of rock music. Rock music was originated in Unites states as Rock n Roll. Further it developed various styles that are influenced by country music and rhythms and blues. Rock songs have also incorporated the influence from classical and jazz numbers. Rock songs are majorly dependent on the electric guitar with drums and electric bass guitar. Rock songs genre is extremely diverse. These are generally […]

Top Salsa songs – The music that spreads a classical ambience

new releases top salsa songs 2015 list

Greatest Salsa Songs The broadest definition of music is the organized audible sound with obviously an observable pattern which is basically labelled under various genres to provide the listeners with better understandable cultural variations. The properties of music that basically differentiates pitches and properties of sound are perceived by humans as well as the animals. Music never contains emotions, yet it superbly designates and manipulates to transform it to the listeners. The existence of certain salsa songs enjoys an extensive […]

Top Wedding Songs for 2015 the celebration of a new beginning

new releases top wedding songs 2015 list

Wedding songs: Welcoming the moment of togetherness To mark the beginning of a new episode of life to people come together and tie the knot of wedding and wedding songs play a significant role in making this event memorable. The wedding songs are specially sung for setting the mood of the ceremony. There are various songs for every ceremony of the wedding. Due to change in culture among people across globe there are variations in the tunes and melodies of […]

Top Ladies Sangeet Dance songs –Enjoy rituals with ladies Sangeet Dance songs

new releases top ladies Sangeet Dance songs 2015 list

Ladies Sangeet Dance songs: Enjoy the musical atmosphere with ladies Sangeet Dance songs in weddings Wedding is a significant phase in our life. This is not only the beginning of a conjugal life between a couple, but also this the starting of a relationship between two families. Consequently, starting of such married life must be with some enjoyable songs. This is the reason that Indian Women mostly involve themselves in celebrating this auspicious occasion with some energetic dance songs. Indian […]

Top Disco songs, exclusive music piece for parties and get together

top disco songs 2015 list

Disco songs makes you to dance freely Music is one of the greatest creations of human beings. This creative piece is not only soothing for your ears but also provides extreme comfort and relaxation for your mind and soul as well. It plays a very important role in our day to day life and serves as a way of expressing our feelings and emotions. This creativity of people is pure and undiluted form of art which is loved by all. […]

top Halloween party songs 2015: Enjoy the festival with These

new releases top Halloween Party Songs 2015 list

Enjoy the festival of Halloween with the best Halloween party Songs Music can be considered as passion, energy, joy, creativity, love, soul and everything else that is related with life. It is a way for individuals to escape from their everyday life and also provides them relief from pain apart from reducing the stress that one feels because of the hectic schedule they have to follow. Music is available for every moment of our life. Different kinds of music are […]